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Agency Assisted Adoptions

Most adoptions are done without an agency.  Having an agency is in no way required in the adoption process, but having one can make life easier.  Our firm is happy to work with adoption agencies.  Adoption agencies can assist in locating children in need of a family, coordinating non-legal aspects of the case (such as home evaluations and information verification), and connecting adoptive parents with the right resources.

One warning (primarily an issue in international cases):  Our firm cannot work with adoption agencies that provide cash in exchange for adoption to adoptive parents.  This is not ethical and violates the laws under which our firm operates.  (Hospital bills, legal costs, and any costs associated with the birth, care of the child, and adoption are permitted.)  Most agencies are ethical, but paying money directly to a parent, while well intentioned, often falls under human trafficking laws. 

Just as agencies are not allowed to perform the legal work (which requires an attorney), attorneys cannot assist in locating a child.  If you are not already connected with a family/child to adopt, an agency can help you locate a child in need of adoption. Agencies can be a life-saver supporting you through the process, and we are happy to work with any agency, even if we have not worked with them before.  

To schedule a free consultation with one of our adoption law attorneys, please call 770-863-8355.  




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