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International Adoption

Most international adoption must comply with the Hague Convention.  The Hague Convention was an agreement signed by many nations that, among other things, regulated custody disputes and adoption between countries.  It was designed to prevent kidnapping, sex trade, child-for-purchase agreements, and other bad actions that could put a child in harm’s way or violate the rights of a child and/or the child’s parents.

While the Hague Convention can create some frustration for those seeking international adoptions, the Hague Convention also provides a great deal of protection.  Once properly drafted and approved through the Hague Convention, the adoption is afforded protection through that treaty.   Because of those protections over properly executed adoptions, an international adoption can be as secure as an adoption within one’s own state.  Our firm recommends that if someone has opportunities to adopt internationally, that they focus on countries that are members of the Hague Convention.

We have a retaining fee of $5,000.00 for international adoptions with an adoption agency coordinating between countries.  For international adoptions without an adoption agency acting as coordinator, we have a retaining fee of $7,500.00.  We bill hourly against these respective fees at $250.00 to $395.00 per hour, depending on the experience and position of the attorney performing the work.  (Experts, Legal fees from country of origin, interpreter/translator fees, and other costs are not included in this fee.  More details would be explained in a legal services agreement.)

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